Martin Ružbarský – Historical armor and accessories manufacturing


I’ve been interested in history since I was a child. After completing high school in the field of universal metalworking, I decided to make my first armor. The beginnings were very difficult as there were no guides or records available. Therefore, my first works were results of trial and error. Interestingly, I never had a real armor at my disposal. And the exhibits in Slovak museums and castles were mostly not too successful copies. I drew inspiration mainly from photographs and drawings that I got from books or the internet. Later, I got in touch with fencing groups and the fencing master Peter Koza, who helped me in the in the early days.


Since 1997, I was making armor as a side job. Mostly for my own needs and later for the needs of the historical fencing group SARUS, which I had founded. Over time, members of other groups began to praise us and inquire where we got such beautiful armor, so demand from other groups arose. Since we also performed for museums, they also noticed my work and showed some interest.


Armor-making is a time-consuming process and since it took up all my free time, I decided, with the support of my family, to open a business and fully devote myself to it. On 9th August 2021, I opened a business, set up my own workshop, purchased professional equipment and now I am fully dedicated to the armor-making trade. In the meantime, I have perfected my production methods and technology.

Take a look at my gallery of historical armor and accessories: