Offer and prices


  • Body armor – Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Horsemen, Legionary (lorica segmentata, musculata, etc.), Gladiators
    Price: 500 € – 10000 € depends on decorations and design. If the armor is well made, its wearer should be able to do a front roll.The price also depends on required quality and functionality.
  • Helmets – Ancient, Legionary, Medieval, Sallets, Armets, Morions
    Price: 200 € – 1500 € depends on decorations and design.
  • Sleeves – shoulders, half sleeves, sets
    Price: 100 € – 3000€ depends on decorations and design
  • Legs – partial, thighs, complete sets
    Price: 100 € – 3000€ depends on decorations and design.
  • Swords – grinded from steel, stainless steel, decorative only
    Price: 80 € – 200€depends on decorations and design
  • Daggers – grinded from steel, stainless steel, decorative only, forged and hardened
    Price: 50 € – 300€ depends on decorations and design


  • Shields of various shapes and sizes – wood, hide, linen, plated or fully metal
  • Swords – wooden sparring swords, children’s, cutlass/messer
  • Toys – historical carousels and games


  • Gambesons – a part of armor that protects the owner when wearing metal armor against bruises – padding or multi-layer linen
  • Padding under helmets – linen, leather or linen with padding
  • Sheaths and scabbards – leather or leather coated wood core
  • Pouches – leather or fur
  • Coats – woolen, woolen with linen lining, woolen with satin lining or woolen with silk lining


The production of one piece of armor can take about a month or even more. However, this depends primarily on its complexity. It is important to stick to the original and its functionality, because every detail is there for a reason.

The production of toys, historical costumes and accessories takes 1-10 working days depedning on the difficulty.

If you need a product for an event you already know the date for, please contact me as soon as possible. The production time may vary depending on the number of other orders.


  • Cultural events – selection of performers, script, sound system, logistics
  • Demonstrations of armor-making and exhibitions of historical armor, weapons and costumes at fairs, castles or cultural events
  • Organizing history-related adventure tours

Event Budget

The price depends on the assignment. It is good to have a precise idea of the budget and the desired performances (history, fencing, dancing, fire show).

  • Exhibition of products with or without commentary: 100€ – 500€
  • Made-to-measure events (balls, weddings, life events): 300€ – 1000€
  • All-day event with perfomances and stands: 1000€ – 5000€
  • 2-3 days event: 10 000€ – 20 000€

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